About the project


Prizemoney.com the sport - a unique charity project that aims to bring the world of sport a new dimension to the motivation of players, tournaments audience, but also charitable support to those who are in trouble and need it.

The first tournament "played" on the Prizemoney.com is Darts Czech Premier League from April 22, 2020, and we believe that we will see in the future more and more tournaments on the European or World level, not only darts!


Each of us, who visits the Prizemoney.com webpage, loves sport.

Our project Prizemoney.com targeting players and fans of sports such as darts, snooker or golf. Why these sports?


Maximum performances


We like challenges! And the best players like challenges also - the maximum performance that can be achieved in these sports. Snooker's maximum break 147 points, in darts closing 9 darter, in one round of golf under 60 par, etc. As time goes by, not only at the highest level, these "highs" financially rewarded ... but not always, and not as they would have wished the players themselves! A maximum of play, it needs talent and years of hard work, and a good dose of luck at the moment!


We want to help


Charitable events associated with our project is a great opportunity to help where it is needed. And if you want to join, do not hesitate!

Certainly his contributions will support not only charitable thing, but also the quality of the tournaments listed on the site www.prizemoney.com!

This will increase the importance and interest tracking individual matches, and player´s motivation to win the tournament or throw / play a maximum (for which players take an interesting amount of money that will help them in further career growth).


Let's finally look at what in recent years, players are able to do if it is not listed prizemoney to the maximum, and we want our project to change.


Snooker - Ronnie O'Sullivan
Break 146, not 147
Snooker - Ronnie O'Sullivan
Break 146, not 147
Snooker - Ronnie O'Sullivan
Break 147 thanks to referee!
Darts - Michael van Gerwen
Didn't wanna play 9darter

Thank you for support


For team Prizemoney.com
Filip Domorád